Friday, 31 December 2010

Sale time!
4:22 pm

Sale time!

I've been given quite a lot of Red Envelopes over Christmas (for all those who can read Chinese it's a 紅包 according to Wikipedia) phonetically it's read out as "Lei See." The simplest explanation is that they're red envelopes usually with a gold embossed design (or Hello Kitty as my Auntie gave me one this year!!!) with money inside and traditionally it's only married couples who hand them out during Chinese New Year, birthday's, Christmases, generally any special occasion really. So I still have a few years to go until I have to hand them out.........!

Although I should be saving for something useful and sticking with my News Years Resolution I've had my eye on a few things....

1. Visage Racer Dress £136.50 2. Gasper Legging £38.50 
3. Suede Zaramar Bag £112.50 4. Suede Bonny Boot £112. All from All Saints

1. Freda Shirt £68 2. La Agence Stirrup Leggings £116 
3. Macrc by Marc Jacobs Wedge Ankle Boots £200 
4. Balenciaga Antique Gold Studded belt £158 All from Matches Fashion

1. Sparkle & Fade Cable Hooded Sweater £25 2. Something Else Zip Sided Shorts £40 
3. Pretty Tights £5 4. Brown Fur Cuff Wedge £50. All from Urban Outfitters

1. Oversized Floral Dress by TV** £90 2. Fringe Biker By Boutique £100 
3. PARA- Metal Toe Caps £60 4. Metal Diamond Elastic Belt £10.00. All from TOPSHOP

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