Friday, 5 November 2010

Interview: Niki Pilkington
12:15 pm

Interview: Niki Pilkington

Wow today I’m so happy! Why? Because I'm really pleased to be featuring the very talented illustrator Niki Pilkington. Niki specializes in hyper realistic portraiture producing stunning and detailed graphic artwork with splashes of vivid colour. Working with biros, felt tips and pencils her technical skills and abilities are highly executed and shows through (I’m slightly jealous.....!)

Fashion illustration can tend to lean towards making images that have a ‘catwalk’ feel to it. But Niki is the complete opposite which is what I love about her work. Edgy, minimal, capturing street fashion with her own unique visual representations. She creates natural settings and her subject matters have so much character, personality and individuality. They look like they’re in a middle of a conversation or doing something, making the illustrations extremely inviting for the viewer rather than having an observer role. The black and white illustrations with the use of delicate paper 3D objects, We Hold Secrets Series, is an excellent example of how Niki can engage the viewer. Presented in such a way the boundary between reality and simply viewing it just a 2D image brings it to life. Like photos, they act as a snap shot of a moment in time. There’s a hidden story to tell for each one in which we have to uncover. 

Well that’s about it, I could go on because it’s always such a pleasure to view Niki’s work. Oh and finally she does custom portraiture too. Why not send her an email? Watch out for her she’s going to be huge. 

To see Niki's portfolio go to her website  and you can follow her on Twitter too. 

Happy Friday guys and have a super weekend!

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