Friday, 21 January 2011

Cuore on Etsy
11:31 am

Cuore on Etsy

I really can't stop looking at Cuore's (Mika Y.) Etsy shop. I think I stumbled across her shop whilst I was looking for Christmas presents and I bookmarked it as a favourite for future reference. All of her handmade items are super sweet and fun.  If you're stuck with what to get for your loved one for Valentine's Day then why not have a look at Cuore's shop for a bit of inspiration?

I love the Valentines's Day Stewart Owl Card and the dachshund felt plush (how cute?!) Ok, I like EVERYTHING in Cuore's shop!

Valentine's Day Stewart the Owl Heart Blank Polka Dots Note Card Paper Applique Felt Hearts with Envelope

   Barbeque the Dachshund Weiner Dog Wool Felt Applique Plush Doll Pillow

I'd be a happy lady if I received this pug card for my birthday (*big hint.*)

To catch up with the latest news and other bits head over to Mika's blog here. 

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  1. Really so lovely post. Thanks for sharing.... :)