Monday, 18 April 2011

Lusting over NIKEiD
10:52 pm

Lusting over NIKEiD

I  have been jogging, oh yes. For someone who was unfit I've actually started because it's slightly embarrassing having to catch up with the N29 bus and being totally out of breath. I even made remarks about joggers (don't even get me started.) But having been swayed by the idea I decided to brave it out and get on with it. And I've already noticed a difference within a short space of time.

And with that all I need is to look the part.

NIKEiD is the way forward. Customise your own pair of trainers is my answer. Hell yes. (Bare in mind Adidas also do this and probably there are other sports brands which offer this but let's just stick with NIKEiD.) I don't think it's anything new but nether less the website is a total time killer. You can spend bleeding hours on it and try and come up with an original, witty statement. I want my own pair of bright pink trainers to say 'Jo Jo' (not that witty or original.)

Those clever people have blocked out rude words but there are ways to get round this. Either way I want a pair!

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