Sunday, 6 February 2011

Jazz and Draw
2:28 pm

Jazz and Draw

If you love jazz, drawing, painting, doodling etc. then why not take part in Jazz and Draw. It's a great project run by Philippe Debongnie who wanted to share his passion for jazz (obviously!) and more importantly bringing together artists from different creative background. It's always fun doing online projects and it's a great way to share your work to the art community.

The submission guidelines for the project are as follows:

*Choose any jazz artist you'd like to illustrate.
*Send a link of your website
*And send a link to the piece of music


More information about the project can be viewed here. All submissions must be 72dpi and roughly 600 x 400 or any size you prefer to work. Please email submissions to Philippe at You can become a fan of the project by visiting the Facebook group or alternatively follow Philippe on Twitter.


  1. Fantastic post. Thanks for sharing ......

  2. No probs! If you do submit something let me know!