Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Gemma Booth
3:07 pm

Gemma Booth

I first found out who Gemma Booth was almost a year and a half ago. Me and Sam went to this mass bike ride (or was it even a cycling festival....) in Shoreditch and she asked me if she could take a photo of me with my bright pink bike, it was for a cycling magazine or something. And I was like "Yeah, okay I'll call you...." and then pretty much forgot about it. Only to realise she was going to be this successful!

Her photography is really fresh and striking, so natural looking too. She captures the spirit of youth and they remind me of those long summery days hanging out in the park with your friends. This has to be my favourite image, partly because I have some fascination with headdresses.

You can read what she's up to via her blog.

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